Therapeutic Horticulture Community Program

Therapeutic Horticulture Community ProgramAbby

Human beings have a deep connection to the earth, and to the value it offers us for food, beauty, and life. Horticulture therapy uses the intrinsic importance of nature to humans to provide healing and well-being to people in crisis. The basic premise behind horticultural therapy is that connecting with the natural world through gardening brings about positive psychological and physical changes that improve quality of life. Increasingly research points to the value of being connected to the natural world for healing and mental health.

Earthwise Society is the lead agency in a community driven project that collaborates on developing a comprehensive Therapeutic Horticulture Community Program to benefit families impacted by mental illness or substance abuse. Primary partners include Fraser Health, Canadian Mental Health Assn. Delta, and DeltaAssist.

The Therapeutic Horticulture Community Program is providing safe and inclusive opportunities for family members to address their own mental health needs for being connected to others and with the natural world. The program is about community engagement, allowing impacted families to meet and interact with a diverse other community, to participate in tasks that allow creative self-expression, encourage exercise and healthy eating, build skills, inspire hope, and focus on achievable outcomes.


Referring people to the program
Referrals can be made directly to Earthwise Society or through these partner agencies: Canadian Mental Health Assn. Delta, Deltassist, and Little House Society.   Participants can contact us directly, or agencies may call us on their behalf.

New! In 2017, our horticulture therapy program is extending to seniors and seniors’ caregiver. More information to come!

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