Family Harvest Box

Family Harvest Box program

The Family Harvest Box Program makes fresh healthy food accessible to families in need, while connecting people with where their food is grown and providing essential skills and education for healthy living.onion sprouts

Program Description

The Family Harvest Box Program connects Delta families with organic food, sustainable farming, and healthy eating through active learning at the Earthwise Farm.

This Delta Food Coalition initiative aims to make organic food more accessible. The Family Harvest Box Program provides fresh, seasonal vegetables, resources on growing food organically, and information on how to turn harvests into tasty, healthy meals for the whole family!

Recipients and Details

Families referred through DFC agencies are invited to spend a few hours at the Earthwise Farm.  Participating agencies include Deltassist, Delta Boy’s and Girls Club, Canadian Mental Health, and Fraser Health Authority.
According to their interest, time and needs, families can register for as many sessions as they want. New participating families can join the program anytime from early April until November. Bus tickets for transit to and from the Earthwise Farm are provided.


Families learn hanfamily harvest box kids hayds-on skills on how to grow organic food by working with Earthwise staff and volunteers. They participate in harvesting as well as other farm work, and learn how to prepare and enjoy freshly harvested produce.  Participating families take home a Weekly Harvest Box of fresh, organic produce after every session they attend.

Children’s Gardening Program option

Families are encouraged to learn together! Children over 3 years of age can join our Children’s Gardening Program, led by Earthwise staff and volunteers.

Want to help further?
Your generosity helps support the Family Harvest Box Program. A $25 donation will sponsor one harvest box for a family, or sponsor a family for an entire season for $500. Charitable tax receipts are available.

For more information about the Family Harvest Box Program, please email us at or call us at (604) 946-9828.

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