Shared Harvest

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In Delta, even though we live surrounded by farms, some of us are still hungry.

Fruit from our trees falls to the ground, unharvested, and tons of produce from local farms cannot be moved to markets.

What if we could make sure that the food we can’t use gets distributed to those who need it? ThanksĀ to the generous involvement of local Delta farmers and home gardeners, and the commitment of the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen, and the DFC, the Shared Harvest program has been doing just that.

The Shared Harvest program is a gleaning project that sends volunteers to help homeowners harvest their fruit trees and distributes the fruit to families in need through the Delta Food Coalition. It also establishes contact with participating farmers to access food that will not be brought to market for distribution to those in need.
Would you like to be involved?

Do you have fruit trees you can’t keep up with? A surplus of summer squash? We want to hear from you. Our volunteers will harvest for you and share what you don’t need with the rest of the community. Please click here if you have excess produce growing in your yard or here if you would like to volunteer your time. We will get back to you shortly.

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