Seasonal Volunteers

Earthwise Society seeks volunteers for Winter Harvest

Earthwise Society is looking for volunteers to help with their winter harvest and other winter gardening activities at the Earthwise Farm. With the Farm Store open from March to December, volunteers are busy all year round.

Thanks to the micro-climate of the Pacific Northwest coastal region, winter growing is easier than you might think. Under the direction of Organic Grower, Charlotte Konken, Earthwise winter harvest volunteers learn how to extend the growing season for their own gardens, while taking part in a community of local gardeners who are eager to learn and share their ideas with each other. Anyone can grow a bountiful harvest through out the winter.

From starting seeds for transplants, to directly sowing winter crops like spinach, lettuce and oriental greens, growing a winter harvest is fun and educational and offers a great opportunity for volunteers to keep active during the winter months. When the weather is bad, activities can move indoors to protected areas, like the naturally heated hoop houses that provide temperate growing conditions year round.

The pleasure and satisfaction of harvesting a bowl of winter-hardy and resilient veggies on a winter day is matched only by the pleasure of enjoying their taste, and sharing the experience with others.   Earthwise looks forward to seeing you out for their winter-harvest soon.


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