Resources for Teachers K-3

Education Resources For Teachers of Grades K-3

Lesson Plans

The nine lessons below cover topics relating to soil, composting, worm composting, reuse, recycling, plants, bugs, and birds.

Most lessons build from a previous lesson. All are linked to learning outcomes.

  • What is Soil?
  • Something For Nothing
  • To Rot or Not
  • One Two Three Recycle
  • Red Wigglers
  • Plant Explorers
  • Bug Buddies
  • Worms, Nature’s Recyclers!
  • Back Yard Birders

Our environmental lesson plans Earthwise Choices for a Healthy Planet have been developed in partnership with the Delta School District.

Delta teachers can find three copies of these lesson plans at their school.

Contact us to find out about these publications, and more!

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