Earthwise Agassiz

Welcome to Earthwise Agassiz!

Mtns Agassiz MoniqueEarthwise Society aims to create a unique, nature-based community resource, and restore the riparian, wetland, and old-growth ecosystems on our Agassiz site.

Earthwise Agassiz is home to the Earthwise Farm, a one-acre demonstration organic teaching farm. Farm produce is sold seasonally at our farmgate, and through a Community Supported Agriculture subscription.

Earthwise Society acquired the property in 2015 and since then we have been working with community partners, individuals, and organizations, to help us realize our vision for the site.

This year,  our plans include:

  • Developing an ecological demonstration garden featuring native plants
  • Enhancing riparian habitat along the Miami River
  • Creating a streamside and woodland trail
  • Expanding our organic food production, including an apiary!

WalkintheWoodsThis beautiful and unique site encompasses 58 acres and diverse ecosystems between Harrison Hot Springs and Agassiz, BC. The Miami River runs along the entire eastern boundary of the site, providing habitat and pure running water from the mountains. A second stream and an estimated 2 acres of native wetland nestles at the foot of rocky mountain outcroppings to the west. A grove of almost 30 mature cedars marks the northern edge where the two streams join. Toward the entrance, a heritage farmhouse and barn, circa 1910, add a historical dimension welcoming visitors to the site.  

You can help us make a difference!  

This spring, get involved. Join our work parties (or bring your own!) to help plant trees, remove invasive species, and build our trail. The site offers individuals and families a chance to help nature and to reconnect, with others, and with the world around us.  

Looking for other ways to get involved? Check out our unique sponsorship program, or donate here. Your support will go a long way to help us create the changes we want to see.

Contact us DSCN2385

We would be happy to tell you more about what we doCall us at 604-946-9828!

Thank you for your support:   

Earthwise Society gratefully acknowledges the support of our funders:

  • Vancity Envirofund
  • TD Friends of the Environment
  • TD Friends of the Environment Canada 150
  • RBC Blue Water
  • VanCity Strategic Partnerships
  • Pacific Conservation Assistance Fund


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