Sponsor an Earthwise Project

Sponsor an Earthwise Project

Support an Earthwise project and be recognized for supporting ecological enhancement or local food security! After donating to the project of your choice, your name will be put on our website in recognition of your support, and you will receive other recognition depending on the donation (see below for more details). A charitable tax receipt will also be sent to you by the end of the year. If you would prefer not to receive recognition (for instance on a plaque), please let us know in the comments box during your purchase.

$250, Tree Sponsorship: Trees create a legacy. Plant a tree in your name at the Agassiz Demonstration Garden. Sponsors will get a plaque with their name or the name of a loved one next to the tree. Fundraising goal: 25 trees planted.tree-sponsor






$500, Streamside Trail Sponsorship: Sponsor building our public, educational Woodland & Streamside Interpretative Trail along the Miami River at Earthwise Agassiz. Sponsors’ names will be put on a plaque at the beginning of the trail to acknowledge their important support. Fundraising goal: 200 metre trail built.streamside-trail-sponsor








$500-1000, Don’t Mow, Grow Urban Food Garden Sponsorship: Sprout an organic food garden near you! This donation will support the maintenance and expansion of our urban food gardens in Ladner and Tsawwassen. Sponsors at the $1000 level will get a free 20-week Community Supported Agriculture box valued at $500. Fundraising goal: Supporting 4 neighbourhood Don’t Mow, Grow food gardens.spin-farm-sponsor

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