School Programs

School Programs


Earthwise is dedicated to education.  Our programs connect children with nature by inviting exploration and discovery at the Earthwise Garden. School groups enjoy hands-on learning through our curriculum-linked EcoTours. We also offer SR 12, a high school science course coordinated by the Delta School District.

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Earthwise EcoTours

What do worms need to live?  How do plants grow? What might exist in a garden habitat?  How do gardens support animal life?

Our Earthwise Garden EcoTours reconnect children with nature, giving them a unique opportunity to explore the secret lives of garden creatures, delve into the activities of insects, plant seeds, and wiggle with worms.

Click HERE to view a description of our Garden EcoTours.

EcoTours starts at 10:00 am or 1:00 pm.

How long are the EcoTours?

1 hour for Kindergarden to Grade 3
1 hour 15 for Grade 4 to 7
1 hour and a half for Grade 8 and up

How much is an EcoTour?

$75 flat rate for 20 children + $5 per additional student.

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What is the maximum class size?

Kindergarden to Grade 3: 25 students
Grade 4 and up: 35 students


Can I ask for a personalized field trip?

Sure, we can design a special program for your class to meet your learning objectives! A flat rate of $150 applies.


Sustainable Resources 12

For older students, Earthwise offers Sustainable Resources 12, a unique farm-based Independent Directed Studies Program for Science credits in grades 11 and 12, offered in partnership with the Delta School District.

Lesson Plans for Teachers K-3

Earthwise, in partnership with the Delta School District, has written some lesson plans for teachers to use in conjunction with their experience here, or separately to encourage environmental stewardship in their own classrooms. To read more about these, click HERE.

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