Earthwise Gardening

Earthwise Gardening

garden pretty2Sustainable gardening works with ecosystems to create beautiful, diverse landscapes that thrive without the use of chemicals.  These five steps set you on the path to creating and maintaining a sustainable garden.

1. Know your site

  • The design of your garden should emerge from your understanding of the unique natural processes at work on your site.

2. Right plant, right place

  • Turn problems into assets by choosing plants that are adapted to the conditions of your site.

3. Nurture nature

  • Encourage wildlife by imitating natural plant communities with a diversity of plants, water, and shelter.

4. Compost

  • Compost is nature’s way of replenishing the soil. Return your organic waste to soil by composting.

5. Learn from your landscape

  • Don’t just plant and walk away. Keep ahead of potential problems by monitoring your garden regularly. Accept that change is part of natural systems.
  • A diverse and healthy garden will change throughout the year and over time, but will always offer you the satisfaction of a beautiful, sustainable landscape.



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